Indulge Your Cravings at Henry’s Sweet Retreat


If there is one thing that’s hard to find these days, it’s a classic candy shop. The old timey stores seemed to have mostly vanished with the times, but Bethesda got lucky with the recent opening of Henry’s Sweet Retreat. Henry’s Sweet Retreat is located just a short walk from The Whitney apartments and aims to put a modern twist on the old school candy shop experience while catering to both adults and children alike.

Henry’s Sweet Retreat is open daily and serves a variety of sweet treats. The store is small but bright, with sugary sweets covering every inch of the space. Clean white walls and high ceilings make the space feel large, while a massive, colorful sign reading “#itsoktocrave” above the menu board encourages visitors to indulge in all the shop has to offer! Choose from premium home made ice cream, cookies, cupcakes and pop tarts from the bakery, home made fudge, and of course, jars and jars of candy.