Find a Sense of Community at CrossFit South Arlington


Many devotees to CrossFit talk about the friendships made and sense of community you can find in the CrossFit gym. And the team and members at CrossFit South Arlington are no different. They put lots of emphasis on not only deadlifts and metcons, but also the tight-knit sense of community you’ll feel when you sweat it out with other members. They want to live their motto, “Fueled by Community”, and focus on educating and strengthening their athletes both inside and outside the gym.

CrossFit South Arlington offers two levels of CrossFit programming, as well as advanced programming and specialty classes. Take advantage of yoga, Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit endurance, and nutrition programs, just to name a few. New athletes can tour the space, meet the team, and try a free class to see if CrossFit South Arlington is a good fit for you and your fitness goals.