Yogis of All Skill Levels are Welcome at Zweet Sport


Self transformation is the goal at Zweet Sport, a hot yoga and total fitness studio in Alexandria. Promoting a sense of community, owners Kimberly Landini and Marja Toan encourage students to move together, sweat together, and feel good together.

Classes are offered 7 days a week, and each class is different. The Body Sculpt is a 30 minute total body workout that works many muscle groups while working through several different stations at the gym. The Heated Hatha Stretch & Release is a hot yoga class that includes a series of deep stretching postures, performed in a room that is heated to 100 degrees. One look at the weekly schedule at Zweet Sport shows a multitude of various fitness class options.

Students of all levels of experience are encouraged to attend classes at Zweet Sport. From the beginner to the yoga expert, everyone can benefit on both a physical and mental level. In Dutch, “Zweet” means “to sweat or perspire” — at Zweet Sport, the perspiration leads to inspiration.