JOURNEYoga: A Practice to Suit Every Yogi


Greater flexibility. A calmer mind. Stronger muscles. Whatever end goal brings you to yoga, you'll enjoy the adventure at JOURNEYoga. This independent Arlington studio offers a roster of classes that suit the diverse needs of its students, whether they want to unwind or sweat away a long day.

The Hatha classes move at a languid pace, allowing newbies and anyone looking for a slower practice to easily keep up. The focus is more on proper breath and alignment, as well as deep stretches and twists, than it is on velocity. Power Yoga, on the other hand, gets practitioners sweating with a series of fast-flowing postures packed into a challenging 60-minute practice. Whereas Hatha is open to all levels, Power Yoga is designed specifically for more advanced yogis. Don't worry, though, because there are many classes that fall somewhere in between the two, like Yin, Yoga II, and Flexibility Flow.

Public Domain/Pixabay/StockSnap