Discover a World of Asian Teas at Kung Fu Tea


Premium ingredients make all the difference at Kung Fu Tea, a tea shop that offers a wide array of delicious and satisfying drinks. Only handpicked tea leaves from the mountains of Taiwan are used at this welcoming establishment, assuring customers a taste experience that eclipses any run-of-the-mill store-bought variety.

Classic teas such as oolong, green, and longan jujube are steeped to perfection, and the always popular bubble teas — which get their name from the sweet and chewy tapioca balls that float on top — are a hit among guests of all tastes. Toppings such as fig jelly, red bean, and pudding are offered as well, all of which can take an already amazing drink to the next level.

Kung Fu Tea also offers a selection of healthy and flavorful slushes. The Matcha Red Bean slush uses authentic Japanese matcha powder for an earthy, natural taste. Those with a sweet tooth may want to opt for the Taro slush, which combines taro syrup with non-dairy milk powder, resulting in a tasty, creamy treat.