Authentic Filipino Cuisine Awaits at Newly Opened Bistro 1521 in Arlington


You don't have to leave Arlington to experience flavors from around the world. The city's restaurants bring international cuisines to you, including Bistro 1521. This restaurant debuted a few months ago with a roster of authentic Filipino dishes, and already it's making waves in the Arlington dining scene.

That's largely because the menu consists of unique eats you won't find at other local restaurants. For instance, you can start your meal with deep-fried squid served with a fiery calamansi aioli or grilled pig ears and pork belly. When it comes to entrees, your options range from skewered barbecue chicken and short ribs to braised oxtail and squash-eggplant stew. Bistro 1521 also offers more familiar noodle and fried rice dishes if you're only feeling semi-adventurous when you come here for a meal.