Don’t Miss the $1 Nigiri at Takohachi


Since Takohachi opened its doors to eaters last month, it's quickly garnered buzz thanks to the $1 nigiri. Patrons say it's a serious bargain for these beautifully crafted pieces of raw fish. Order a smorgasbord of yellowtail, sea scallop, smoked salmon, and mackerel for a mere $4, or try a different assortment.

In addition to the nigiri, Takohachi's Japanese sushi chefs also craft classic and specialty maki rolls, which start at just $3.50 apiece. Go for a traditional roll, like the California roll or the salmon roll. The list of specialty rolls, on the other hand, encompasses options such as the wasabi roll, stuffed with crab meat, smoked salmon, and avocado and topped with wasabi sauce and wasabi-infused tobiko.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Skitterphoto