Asiatique Serves Up Cajun Seafood and Japanese Sushi Under One Roof


With a name like Asiatique, you might think this new Arlington eatery is all about Asian cuisine. However, its menu actually showcases a combination of Cajun and Japanese seafood in the form of crawfish boils and fresh sushi. So no matter what you're in the mood for, as long as it involves seafood, you'll find something that suits your taste buds at Asiatique.

Interested in trying some of the sushi? The menu includes simple sashimi and sushi a la carte, as well as classic rolls (think spicy tuna and California rolls) and signature rolls like the Angry Dragon and Epic Scallop. Craving something spicier? Build a Cajun seafood boil, starting with your selection of crab, crawfish, shrimp, or another type of seafood. Then add the seasoning of your choice—they're all built on a base of Old Bay—and decide how spicy you'd like it. The chef will craft your feast while you wait, then hand it off to a server to deliver hot to your table.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Skitterphoto