The Meatball Shop Goes Beyond Your Typical Italian Cuisine

Meatballs most commonly pair with spaghetti and tomato sauce, but newly opened The Meatball Shop invites foodies to think outside the culinary box. The chef crafts a wide variety of meatballs, from the classic Italian beef meatballs to Maine lobster, salmon, spicy pork, and veggie meatballs.

You also get to choose exactly how you want your meatballs presented. You can choose to complement them with a mound of spaghetti or opt for another base such as kale, quinoa salad, or freshly made rigatoni. The Meatball Shop boasts a wide range of sauces, too, which go far beyond the standard marinara. Dress your lobster meatballs in lemon-butter sauce or embellish salmon meatballs with fresh pesto. These are just a handful of the artisan options on the menu at The Meatball Shop.