Bring the Kids to Be With Me Children’s Playseum


The term “museum” connotes a stuffy, strictly educational venue with little to engage children. That’s why it wasn’t exactly right for the Be With Me Children’s Playseum. Since this family-friendly spot fosters learning through interactive play, “playseum” seemed like a more fitting title.

Bring your little ones along to explore the Playseum’s collection of “Cityshops,” which are the equivalent of exhibits. Each Cityshop teaches a specific lesson or represents an important part of a real community, like the farmer’s market or an American diner. Kids can learn about medicine at Potomac Pediatrics, play make-believe in the bakery, or get creative in the art room at Be With me Children’s Playseum. If your youngster loves animals, he or she will definitely want to stop at the Pet Shop. Here, they can pet a bunny, hold a frog, or even feel the scaly back of a bearded dragon lizard.