Bethesda Bagels Is a New Spot for Breakfast Near The Whitney


Who knew you could do so many interesting (and delicious) things with a bagel? The folks at Bethesda Bagel, that’s who. Bethesda Bagel has bagels in every iteration you can think of, and some you never thought were possible. You can, of course, get the old standbys with cream cheese, lox, or your favorite topping. For fans of unusual flavors, Bethesda Bagels has about two dozen to choose from, including banana nut, granola, sundried tomato, and orange cranberry. You can also get minis with more toppings, a variety of sandwiches with a bagel (or bread) base, and even the popular flagel. That’s a flat bagel for those folks who love all that crackly, shiny crust. The shop also makes bagel dogs and pizza bagels that taste so satisfying alongside a homemade matzo ball soup. 

Find Bethesda Bagels in the Wildwood Shopping Center on Old Georgetown Road. This carb-lovers’ paradise has only been open a few months, but it’s hard to imagine the food options in Bethesda without it!